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Economics' Approach to Planning

No one wants to splurge today and starve tomorrow, nor do the opposite.

Life-cycle consumption smoothing—balancing our living standard through time—
is the goal. But finding the right current and future spending targets to achieve that goal is a complex mathematical problem.

Economists have worked on this problem for a century. Now, based on advances in desktop computing and numerical algorithms, you can implement life-cycle consumption smoothing using ESPlanner.


  • calculates your sustainable living standard
  • incorporates all of your resources and "off-the-top" expenditures
  • makes highly detailed annual tax and Social Security benefit calculations
  • helps you raise, smooth, and protect your living standard
  • shows impacts of early retirement and other lifestyle decisions
  • provides annual saving, spending, and insurance recommendations

ESPlannerPLUS and ESPlannerPRO includes Upside Investing and Monte Carlo simulations showing how your investment choices affect the variability of your living standard.