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401Ks missing from new PDF report

On the new PDF report, in the Retirement Accounts page, there are "Employer Plans" but no listing for 401k / 403b. Should 401k and 403b be entered now in Employer Plans rather than under 401k?

We have 401ks and 403bs and they are entered as such.


Thanks in advance,


Steve: I know that it's still being counted, so you can leave it under 401(k) but it doesn't show up on that summary page. I believe it's just an oversight that will be fixed down the road soon. Meanwhile, it is counted in your detail report of retirement accounts and it's implicit in your total spending report.

They will no doubt add a line for the 401(k) in a future PDF report.

I agree: it's an amazing program. Everytime I run a simple report I marvel at the complexity that is going on behind the computation scenes.



Hi Steve, Employer plans refers to 401(k), 403(b), SEP, Keogh, and all other such plans. best, Larry

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