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Assumptions not used until leaving that page

Hi. Running 2.9.61

I'm reporting a bug that I can not reproduce, but I have an idea for you.

I went linearly through my profile, filling out each area. I was on the last page of the assumptions (demographics) where I set an earlier death age and then I clicked Create Reports. The report that came up showed me spending far less than expected. Hmmm.

I went back to ESP and looked through the other panels. I didn't make any changes but clicked Create Reports again. This time my retirement spending was what I expected. (I do remember specifically looking at the Primary Home / First Change Of Home to make sure it was not enabled, but it wasn't.)

My hypothesis is that the program did not take into account something that I entered on the Assumptions panel until I left it.

Who knows, but the reporting now seems stable.



Jim, It's possible that you ran a different profile the first time and the right one the second time. We've seen cases where the program doesn't realize that it's suppose to run profile A even though one has been editing A and, instead, runs B. We are trying to reproduce this in order to fix it. But when you click Create Reports make sure it indicates the right profile name at the top of the Create Reports window. If it doesn't, click cancel, click on the profile icon on the left, and then click Create Reports again.

best, Larry


FYI for bug isolation... in my case I have only one profile.


I've put it on our bug list. Once we can verify it we'll get a fix in an upcoming update.


Dick Munroe