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Bug in Latest Update (UI2.10.14 CE 1.13.p08-05)

I just updated ESPlanner and reran to test a Social Security scenario where I started my wife' SS at age 64 and mine at age 66. The Net Benefit column in the Husband's SS Benefits report grows larger over time (almost 3X) the SS benefit. This isn't happening on the Wife's SS Benefit report.

These excess dollars look like they carry over to a number of other reports and significantly inflate the consumption number, too.

If you need more information, please let me know.


Hi, We're doing a major audit of our social security mother and father, survivor, retirement, and spousal benefit code. In the course of fixing a few things wrt reduction rates, we introduced the bug your referenced. It should now be fixed. Sorry about this. best, Larry


This is a weird one. I remember fixing this problem when I saw it during debugging, but when I checked the shipping version, the fix wasn't in. Sorry about that, something screwed up in the development process and burned me.


Dick Munroe