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Bug in Version 2.10.11

I just installed the new update 2.10.11 on my desktop.

I then copied over the database I had on my laptop that I had been working on while traveling (running version 2.10.9).

When I ran told the new version to run the reports, there was a big difference. By setting the laptop next to the desktop and going page by page on the report, I found that in the real estate section the new version did not show any mortgages on my rent houses even though the data has been entered into the program.

Please look into this and let me know. I am shut down till this is fixed.

Ginny Irvine



This is a known problem (a compiler bug in the latest version of the Intel compiler we had to switch over to for Microsoft verification status). A fix was put in place New Year's Day and should be in the latest update (check the What's New RSS feed) or the Announcements forum on the Support forum for details on update status.


Dick Munroe


Update is posted. Let us know if this fixes your problem


That newest updated fixed it, but leads to another question.

I ran the same data base on version 2.10.9 on my laptop and the newest version on my desktop.

On the Current Recommendations page the "Recommended Change" Savings on the older version is "(1,085)" on the new version it is "(322)". What would have lead to the change. It is not a major change, I am just wanting a full understanding of how the program works. Thanks





It wouldn't take much for the program to make that kind of change. That saving column in Annual Recommendations (the first year is shown in the Current Recommendations) is very sensitive to the slightest change any where in your inputs. If, for example, you change some expenditure, you might see it change. If something in the update made a slight alteration in some future income (such as rental) then that will cause the saving to change. The cause on that would be hard to track down.

One of the best things I did when I first got the program was to run the spreadsheet version and actually use the spreadsheet to add numbers and see how things related to each other, sort of duplicating the math so I understood, for example, the relation of the Total Spending to Total Expenses, to REgular Assets page. It helped me to see how the main pages related to each other.




Does it crash and stop or continue? It shouldn't crash. Check the data on that page and make sure it's all been saved if you get that error.


It will be fixed shortly - getting out a bunch of fixes in the next day or so