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Cannot chanage default zoom for PDF report document

The initial (default) zoom set on the PDF reports is 81.9% which is way to small for my monitor. I can change it once I am in the document, but when the document is reopened it reverts back to 81.9%. Also reverts back when I go from one report to the next and I have to click the fill button every time I change to a different page.

I've tried changing the default page display in preferences, but it doesn't stick. Research on the web indicates that document specific settings (created by document author, i.e. ESP), override the Adobe Reader 9 preferences. These can't be changed with Adobe Reader, which is all I have.

In the next update, can you change the PDF document settings so the user has the ability to change the default zoom so that it stays at that zoom the next time the document opens ?


I'll look into it.


This was a "complaint" I had way back when we created the PDF. I don't recall exactly what happened, but for some reason it was difficult to do. The idea, Lowell, is that each time you "turn" the page in the PDF, you have to reset the zoom back to where you were.