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Current Mortgage Information

Have entered data under Real Estate - Property #2 as follows:

Currently own property? Yes
Year into service: 2008
Current Market: 300,000
Basis: 399,000
Accumulated Unallowed Losses: 0
Year to be sold: 2014
Annual Appreciation Rate: 10%

When I tab over to Mortgages Current Mortgage Information is greyed out and yet there is a mortgage on this investment property. What am I not understanding so I can enter the mortgage? The mortgage has been in existence since the property was purchased in 2008.


I cannot reproduce this behavior. If Currently Owned is ticked 'YES' then Mortgage info should be available. Try switching it back to 'NO' and then 'YES' again. When you switch to YES, go to the Mortgage tab and see if the panel is enabled now.

Seems to work OK for me


I had the same problem recently (I'm on v. 2.19.68) when I tried to enter mortgage information for a 3rd property (no problems with property #1 and #2). Changing ownership from YES to NO, and then back to YES again fixed the problem.

I also noticed that when entering property expenses, the grid sometimes won't populate until I first either exit the Real Estate folder or click on one of the other rental properties. Some sort of a time warp thing going on?



If you can reproduce this, please open a support ticket