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Life Insurance premium late in life

The report shows zero dollars in the recommendations section for life insurance for both me and my wife.

However, in the "Total Spending" report, under the "life Insurance" column, I see expenses for the last four years of my wife's life. That happens after my own death.

Why is that?


Even though this original post is dated 2008, I don't see an answer.

I'm seeing the same thing; there is no recommended life insurance in the main annual consumption report yet in the spending report there is a recommended spend for my wife to buy life insurance for the last 9 years of her life; long after I'm gone. Also in my wife's survivor report, life insurance is recommended for the last 10 years of her life.

Can someone please comment on this as either a glitch in the program or the logic that creates this?

Bob W.


It's not a glitch, probably.

We would need you to open a support ticket, but if there are special expenditures that need to be covered, that could be the issue. Special expenditures are presumed to be durable, i.e., survive you, and must be covered by life insurance.

This could cause this. There are probably others as well but this one is the most obvious that I can think of.

For example, if your wife has special expenditures for long term care going on until 100, ESPlanner assumes that you need money to cover these in the event of death. If you die, your income stream vanishes, e.g., social security, annuities, etc., so if you don't have assets available to pay the special expenditures, you buy life insurance.


Dick Munroe