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Loan with ARM

Question...we have a primary home loan with a 5 year ARM. While the loan is based on 30 years, we intent to pay it off when the ARM comes due in 5 years. I can't figure out how to handle this in the real estate area. I did show the expense under...forgot what it is called...exceptional expense or something like that....I can't get the payments to stop. If I tried to show the loan for only 4 more years, it kept locking me our saying that the payment was too low.
Right now, it is throwing off my expenses for the next 29 years and also showing the large cash payment to pay it off. Makes all the values not accurate due to such large numbers in play.


Just make the span of the mortgage 5 years. It should have the same effect overall of paying things off at the end of the 5 year period.


Dick Munroe