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Rental Income

I am unable to put in an assumption that rental income will grow less than inflation. For a work-around I figured I would increase rental expenses each year so the result would show net rent at 2% per year (real). However, the function to increase expenses does not appear to be working. This could all be entered manually but income/expenses are going forward for over 50 years. Too much data entry for me.

This limitation to have growth less than inflation also applies to the Special Receipts and Special Expenses section.

It would be nice to be able to show a negative real growth rate for these categories like you are able to do in the Income section.



I don't see any error increasing expenses (or receipts) in the real estate pages. Enter the first year's value and then skip to the "grow" and set the rate and number of years and click grow.


John R. Goddard

I stand corrected on increasing the expenses. User error on my end. It would still be nice to show negative real growth rate for rent.


John, We'll change the UI to permit all growth rates throughout the application to be negative. best, Larry