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Restoring a backup file

I've saved a file on a flash drive (Sandisk Cruzr). When I attemp to restore it the file appears on the drive but under the backup/restore utility other files saved on that drive appear but not the ESPlanner file I need to restore. Is it ok to copy and paste that backed up file from the flash drive directly to the program.



You can copy the database file (ESPdatabase.mdb) to the application directory and replace the one already there. Make sure ESPlanner is not running when you restore the database file.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've opened the program after imputing all my data and all values are blank. I closed and compressed it properly upon exiting the last time I used it. I also saved a backup copy to a flash drive but don't seem to be able to restore it...advise please, since I've spent hours imputing data.



In version 2.9 and later, the database file (ESPDatabase.mdb) is stored in My DocumentsMy ESPlannerESPdatabase.mdb

In prior versions it is the in the directory you have installed to (C:Program filesESPlanner is the default)

Replace the old one with the new one. Make sure you recognize which is which. I suggest you rename rather than delete files.

This is why we have discontinued the backup utility. Just copy the file from the My DocumentsMy ESPlanner directory and save to your flash drive (or other backup media).


We just bought the program and have spent a frustrating evening entering data that will not save. We have verified pathways, checked for hidden files, etc. We even did a search of the C drive with the specified file name, nothing. Please advise. The program works, but if you close it, you must re-enter all data each time. Thank you.