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Spreadsheet legends error

Since my original purchase of ESPlanner about June 2007 I have had an issue with the legends not displaying properly in the MONTE CARLO TROJECTORIES REPORT. I have searched the forum and I could only find my original post about this issue, so I must assume it is an issue that others are not experiencing.

When displaying the charts in the above report I see #REF! for every one of the legend symbols. I am currently running Excel 2003 on a Vista machine.
The path for my templates is C:\Program Files\ESPlanner\Templates\espMonte_trj_report.xls and the path for my documents is C:\Users\jtpalermo\My Documents\My ESPlanner

This issue was also present when I was using Widows 2000 Pro on a desktop pc, so I do not believe the issue is a result of me having upgraded to a laptop with Vista.

When I check the template I see that the legends display properly. If I manually correct the #REF! errors within the Trajectory Report and save the spreadsheet then all is well until I have to re-run the report, then the #REF! errors return.

Critical, no. Frustrating, yes. Any suggestions?


I'll see if I can reproduce & include in the next update