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Understanding Current Year Recommendations

The table below gives the 2010 recommendations from my retired mother-in-law's situation and I'm trying to make sense of the negative numbers in the "Current Amount" column. It would appear the program thinks she is not spending any money on current consumption (the negative $42K) while withdrawing approximately only $7,000 from current assets (would that that were the case!) Am I reading it correctly? And why would it think that? More importantly, what do I need to change in the inputs to make it more realistic?

Recommended Amount
Consumption 17,461
Saving (54,540)

Current Amount
Consumption (42,961)
Saving (7,078)



ESPlanner can show a negative consumption in several circumstances. Generally, it means your profile is unaffordable. Try a new profile and eliminate some expenses and see if the number doesn't improve.

Also, note that on the Assumptions page, the maximum indebtedness value is set to zero (0) by default, meaning ESPlanner tries to stay out of debt in any year.