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Both my domestic partner of 16 years and I plan to take our respective Social Security Divorcee Ex-Spousal Benefits starting this year from age 66-70 while letting our own retirement benefits grow 8% a year until age 70.

Maximize My Social Security recommends this strategy. I read your suggestion about modeling it using special receipts and expenses, but that is very clumsy.

Is there a PV calculation reported for total discretionary spending? For example, in the max social security product the report provides a PV of the social security payments for the strategy (and what-if). This is a convenient means to compare different strategies.

The federal gov't pension includes a COLA (just like social security). When inputting the pension information I enter the degree of inflation index amount equal to the inflation number entered in assumptions.

Tags: report

When I create a report it provides a comment to go to "Help-Customize" to start the plan on a different date. However, the Help drop-down menu only allows for: User Manual; Support; View Release Notes; and About. I give up. I am using release 2.32.2

Tags: earnings, wages

From the help: "Enter wages gross of employee contributions to retirement accounts. (Enter those contributions under Retirement Accounts.) Enter wages net of (excluding) all other non-taxable employee payments, like contributions to health plans."

I am a military retiree with a 20% disability. For purposes of this question, assume that: annual military retirement is $80,000; $3,200 of the $80,000 is for disability; Federal taxes exclude disability ($80,000 - $3,200); New Jersey does not tax military retirement.

This situation applies to both subject matters, but I'll just give specific examples using "Retirement Accounts" tab in the spreadsheet output by the program.

Happy New Year!
Thanks for your great support for this indispensable program.

Tags: 529

I have two 529's setup for my kids. I have enough for 6-7 years of college and was planning on taking the last 1-2 years out of savings, instead of putting more into the 529. When I run ESPlanner, it suggests I add to the 529 for the next 5 years. How do I get around this?

Tags: end of year

A few users have asked me about the end of the year adjustments needed in ESPlanner. I'll list what I can recall off hand, but perhaps others will have reminders as well that they can add to this thread.

I added my mutual funds for the monte carlo analysis for the years through 2014. I tried to go back into the mutual fund and add 2015 results but when adding the year and clicking update, it will not let me. I sure hope I dont have to add the assets again and go through the entire process.

When I go to Planning Method -> Monte Carlo -> Build Portfolios tab and select the Cash asset class, it shows a mean real return of -3.01%.

I'm planning on using the Net unrealized appreciation (NUA) tax rule when I close out my 401k in a future year.
How do I accomplish this in ESPlanner Plus?

Did a search with no luck.
Where is the Special Receipts values comming from? It appears the 529 Account Income & qualified Withdrawals are part of the answer.
On the Main.xls > Total Imcome tab, Special Receipts correspond to Income & the expenditure of 529 funds.

On the Federal Taxes-Joint Filer Report in the PDF (the last detail report), where does the "Adj to Inc" column come from? How is it calculated? I have "(19350)" for 2016 and the rest of the years are 0.

I saved a .mdb file to my desktop, how do I import it to the main program to that it appears in the list of models available to work with under "Families" in the main screen?

Tags: condo, fees, Inflation

The property tax and homeowner's insurance numbers that I enter on the "Primary Home" tab appear to be adjusted yearly for inflation on the "Housing" page of the final report.

ESPlanner's suggested consumption isn't affected very much by delaying social security from age 66 to 70. I can see the monthly benefit increase by 21% by delaying SS for 4 years but the suggested consumption only goes up by 0.5%.

I was born mid-1966 and my FRA is therefore 67 (year 2033). Under the Social Security “Benefit Receipt” tab I note the retirement benefit date and spousal benefit date as mid-2033.