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Tags: 529

I have two 529's setup for my kids. I have enough for 6-7 years of college and was planning on taking the last 1-2 years out of savings, instead of putting more into the 529. When I run ESPlanner, it suggests I add to the 529 for the next 5 years. How do I get around this?

Tags: end of year

A few users have asked me about the end of the year adjustments needed in ESPlanner. I'll list what I can recall off hand, but perhaps others will have reminders as well that they can add to this thread.

I added my mutual funds for the monte carlo analysis for the years through 2014. I tried to go back into the mutual fund and add 2015 results but when adding the year and clicking update, it will not let me. I sure hope I dont have to add the assets again and go through the entire process.

When I go to Planning Method -> Monte Carlo -> Build Portfolios tab and select the Cash asset class, it shows a mean real return of -3.01%.

I'm planning on using the Net unrealized appreciation (NUA) tax rule when I close out my 401k in a future year.
How do I accomplish this in ESPlanner Plus?

Did a search with no luck.
Where is the Special Receipts values comming from? It appears the 529 Account Income & qualified Withdrawals are part of the answer.
On the Main.xls > Total Imcome tab, Special Receipts correspond to Income & the expenditure of 529 funds.

On the Federal Taxes-Joint Filer Report in the PDF (the last detail report), where does the "Adj to Inc" column come from? How is it calculated? I have "(19350)" for 2016 and the rest of the years are 0.

I saved a .mdb file to my desktop, how do I import it to the main program to that it appears in the list of models available to work with under "Families" in the main screen?

Tags: condo, fees, Inflation

The property tax and homeowner's insurance numbers that I enter on the "Primary Home" tab appear to be adjusted yearly for inflation on the "Housing" page of the final report.

ESPlanner's suggested consumption isn't affected very much by delaying social security from age 66 to 70. I can see the monthly benefit increase by 21% by delaying SS for 4 years but the suggested consumption only goes up by 0.5%.

I was born mid-1966 and my FRA is therefore 67 (year 2033). Under the Social Security “Benefit Receipt” tab I note the retirement benefit date and spousal benefit date as mid-2033.

I know this has come up over and over, but I must be doing something wrong.

Where do I enter data so the program calculates the Social Security benefit for my adult disabled child. My understanding is that he will be eligible for 50% of my normal Social Security benefit when I start collecting Social Security. I don't see where to enter this in ESPlanner.

My husband owns a 1-person s-corporation. How or where in ESPlanner, do we properly input the following:
1. Total s-corp gross income of $245,855 (reported on the 1120S tax return)
2. K-1 of $30,000 received from the s-corp (to report on the 1040 tax return)

Tags: ESP database

The ESPlanner Database chooser doesn't seem to work after updating to v2.32.1

Tags: primary home

Is there a simple way to indicate a change in state of residency without there being a sale of primary home? Client owns primary home in MA and second home in TN. In 2016, client will move to TN permanently, but keep both houses.

For 2015, I've noticed that the AGI shown in the "Federal Taxes" report is several thousand dollars - about 4% higher - than the "total Income" shown in the "Total Income" report. Can you please explain why this should be occurring?

It is on my Win10 64-bit VM (Mac using VMWare Fusion 7.1.3, OSX El Capitan 10.11.1). Windows machine has Intel i7 2.6GHz, 4 GB Ram. Takes several minutes to generate Excel (Office 2013) file, whereas it would take less than a minute in previous version.

Hi -- I just purchased ESPlanner yesterday, so today is my first day working it.