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With release 2.29 we seem to have lost the ability to start retirement account withdrawals before the age of 59. I requested this functionality last year and it was added. Now the program only starts withdrawals at 59, regardless of what is entered on the "Key Ages" tab.

My birthday is in the second half of the year, but Esplanner wants to start taking IRA withdrawals the year I'm 70 vs. the year I'm 70-1/2. Is there some setting I can change to get out to start the correct year?

Tags: mortgage

When making the entry for the monthly payment, is the figure to be supplied there principal and interest only? I am thinking it is since taxes and insurance are accounted for elsewhere.

In both ESPlanner and MaximizeMySocialSecurity, the program asks the user to enter "future earnings" following prior entry of "past covered earnings". Given my spouse' s relatively high earnings, any number entered for "future earnings" is way higher than what her covered earnings will be.

I just read in an article that the maximum monthly benefit for social security in 2015 at retirement age 66 is $2663. I will be 66 in 5 years and am planning to start my benefit then.

In my ESPlanner report, it shows SS benefits starting in 2021. Is the amount shown in current day $ or has it been inflated by 6 years (2021 - 2015)? I'm trying to reconcile the amount show to what I'm seeing from the SSA estimator website.

Tags: Asset class

The Monte Carlo Asset Class list contains a number of "dimensional" assets (e.g., Dimensional US Small Cap, Dimensional US Vector Equity Index, etc.). What is meant by "dimensional"? Thanks.

First of all, I'm running the current software version. When I go to the "Earnings" folder, it still asks me to enter the amounts in 2013 dollars... like it thinks we are still in 2013. I've run the rollover process, but it doesn't change anything.

What am I doing wrong?


I just purchased a laptop and wanted to have access to ESP which I normally do on the desktop. I have installed ESP on the laptop and copied the database from the desktop and put it in the ESP data folder on the laptop, but when I open ESP on the laptop it is not opening the file.

I currently have about $57K in mortgage. In about 4 years, I plan to take a reverse mortgage, using the proceeds to pay off the mortgage and then spending the remainder as needed. How should this be entered?

I have a retirement pension plan with my company. Once I start my pension is does not have any COLA increase. But, because my company contributed to my Social Security, my pension does have a onetime adjustment, as soon as I reach the age of 62 (even if I delay social security).

I'm entering Special Receipts from oil & gas royalty payments for 2014-2018. Since these royalty payments are taxable, albeit subject to complex depletion allowances, I've selected Ordinary Income.

I had included my kids as dependents until age 25 but just read the IRS regs which sets the limit for claiming them as exemptions at age 24. I'd like to include them in the economy as 0.6 of an adult until age 25, but exclude them for tax exemption purposes as of age 23.

Any suggestions about how to model a NUA (net unrealized stock distribution). I would like to know the impact of using post-tax dollars in my thrift fund to enable me to remove stock by exchanging the cost basis with post-tax contributions without a taxable event during the fund liquidation.

I have a variable annuity in an IRA. Under what asset do I place the value of that annuity.


Tags: Pensions

My wife's State Teachers Pension is fixed until 2019 when the first COLA will be given and annually thereafter. Any suggestions as to how to accommodate that as it appears that I can only enter whether it does (and how much) or does not keep up with inflation. Thanks.

For the benefit of others, I'll share an approach I just devised that seems to work well for me. Instead of assuming smooth withdrawal over my lifetime with an expected age of 100, I'm setting my smooth withdrawal end date to the year I'm 71. That's the year after I start withdrawing SS.

What's the best way to model a NQP? The NQP has a defined withdrawal period and is 'invested' in accounts that mirror mutual funds, so remaining balance will change over time. e.g. total balance withdrawn over a 10 year period starting 1 year after retirement.

Tags: rollover

Not having been a subscriber for a year yet, can someone describe what I'll expect to see or have to do at the annual rollover? Any advice as to how to handle, or caveats?