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How do you express/input after tax funds invested in a time locked investment which is sheltered from all taxes until it's withdrawn? I currently have it "other assets" but I fear that those funds are assumed to be subject to taxation during their tenure.

When we check for updates to the software we get an error message. The screen capture of the message we get is attached.

Can you help me understand what nominal rates of return control in the assumptions tab? It doesn't seem to be the total rate of return, but the 6% default value makes me think it isn't income generation.

While I understand the purpose/suggestion of life insurance, can I remove it from my annual cost? Perhaps the SW should just suggest the amount and the user can add the specific cost. Having the amount in the reporting is just confusing.

Let’s assume a primary, vacation and a weekend house. I would like to setup ESPlanner Plus to model selling any of them in a specific year. I’ve set these properties in the Real Estate screen however where does the cost show up? Does it lower Discretionary Spending?

I've recently received a cash inheritance which I entered in special Receipts as non-taxable. It is invested at a low interest rate but the amount is large enough that having it earn zero interest as a special receipt entry has an affect, albeit small, on my SOL and taxes.

I can create, rename, add, and delete assets to Monte Carlo portfolios, but how can I delete a portfolio?

Tags: Bequest, estate

Hi, I have a question about the estate calculation. In my example I am married and have 350,000 in housing equity and both my wife and I have bequests. Looking at the estate tabs, the full 350,000 housing equity is counted in both of our estates.

I don't quite understand how this calculation works. I entered 6% nominal return for retirement accounts, but on the Retirement Accounts Report the amount looks like 3% or less. 1st line is as follows:

Since life expectancy continues to increase, it seems reasonable that ESPlanner's maximum age of life (demographics tab) could be extended past age 110. Perhaps this would slow down some calculations, but I'm guessing this would only be for users who implement age 115 or 120 years.

owned numerous rental unit, unable to assign different rent to each respective property. They all show the same amount. When I input a new one, the program wiped out the old amount and all properties show the new revenue and expense. Does the property only allow 5 properties ?

Tags: 72t, annuity, IRA

I'd like to set up a 72t annuitization of some of my retirement assets. I've allocated a percentage in the Smooth Withdrawal window. I left everything to their default values in the Choice of Annuity screen.

Tags: key ages

I'm writing regarding the following appears in the 'help' blurb when viewing this tab in Retirement are asked to input

"Age of last contribution to retirement accounts."

Under Retirement Accounts/Smooth Withdrawals I'm given the option to reorder withdrawals from Individual Deductible Accounts, Employer Accounts and ROTHs. The program always spends from Regular Assets first. Is there an option to spend from retirement accounts first, then regular assets?

I would like to see the option to input an investment management fee percentage which would show as a spend item in the reports. This would naturally reduce the SOL.

It would be great to be able to easily reset your profile to the immediate previous version with a single click on a "back one" button.

I am 58 and have two children age 8. I'd like to start social security at age 62, suspend it after FRA, and start it up again at age 70.
How do I do this in ESPlanner Plus?

For purposes of figuring tax basis for my rental property, the original building date of service was in 2004, original cost of $77,648, and accumulated depreciation of $21,821 thus far, leaving a basis of $55,827 to plug into the current year of my depreciation schedule (which I would enter in th

Seems like we used to get an email when new updates were released. 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 were recently released, but I only learned that because of a version mention in the previous forum post. Are you still sending out update email notifications?