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Tags: ESP database

The ESPlanner Database chooser doesn't seem to work after updating to v2.32.1

Tags: primary home

Is there a simple way to indicate a change in state of residency without there being a sale of primary home? Client owns primary home in MA and second home in TN. In 2016, client will move to TN permanently, but keep both houses.

For 2015, I've noticed that the AGI shown in the "Federal Taxes" report is several thousand dollars - about 4% higher - than the "total Income" shown in the "Total Income" report. Can you please explain why this should be occurring?

It is on my Win10 64-bit VM (Mac using VMWare Fusion 7.1.3, OSX El Capitan 10.11.1). Windows machine has Intel i7 2.6GHz, 4 GB Ram. Takes several minutes to generate Excel (Office 2013) file, whereas it would take less than a minute in previous version.

Hi -- I just purchased ESPlanner yesterday, so today is my first day working it.

Can the retirement accounts detail report be revised so that the individual, employer, and Roth account balances are shown separately? When tweaking special withdrawals, I can't tell how much remains in a specific account type.

If I am using a fee-only financial planning service, there is often a fixed percentage of assets under management fee charged by the financial planner. In ESPlanner I cannot find a way to account for such a fee, that changes each year since the value of my assets change each year. Thanks.

I'm contemplating leaving full-time employment and taking a contractor job. That would be paid as 1099 wages. I see that ESP+ has a tab for self-employment income which is where I assume I'd record those earnings.

With the end of spousal benefits, I am trying to figure out some options before ESPlanner is ready with an update. In the course of this, I'm realizing how little my work history will matter.

We were going to use this strategy since we have an adult daughter with a severe disability. So...since this strategy won't be available to us(neither my husband nor I is 62 this year), I'm wondering why wait until 70 to retire?

I am 64 and plan on retiring next year around my 65th birthday. My FRA for Social security is 66. My wife is 5 years younger than me. She has a much smaller SSA benefit amount based on her own record, so we will use her spousal benefit.

Frequently we are looking to do what-if analysis and a primary activity is moving different planned "Special Expenses" to different years to examine the effect of this. Currently in the Special Expenses panel you can edit the text/description, but not the year.

Just want to make sure I have this all straight --

Income is the total income from all sources (wages, investments, SS, Real Estate)

Larry Kotlikoff posted this at PBS Newshour yesterday, Oct. 27.

Not good news for those of using spousal benefit!

How do you handle more than 5 properties

Tags: Canada, foreign

I am a couple years away from retirement and recently moved to Canada with my wife - she is Canadian. When specifying the Family Information, I need to enter a State. Since I'm not living in the states anymore, is there a way to specify state as none or foreign?

Tags: monte carlo

For a Monte Carlo report, in the % Distribution Of Living Standard Report, why is the Living Standard for ALL percentiles below the Living Standard that is labeled, "Specified Mean Real Return" Living Standard?

Tags: no clue

How do i find the answer to a question I asked today ?
received a tracking number, but that is no help
Do I search on "how do I" as a topic ?
Does "save" post the question or is there some other button to use ?

Tags: Profile dump

When we are creating different profiles there is a danger of some parameter not being as expected. Reviewing parameters between profiles is very tedious going from one panel to another and looking at all the fields.