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I am running reports in which my spouse lives an extra five years after my death. She inherits all my retirement accounts (IRAs). While the Monte Carlo reports for my retirement accounts seem reasonable until my death, hers don't. In hers all the percentiles are zero.

I can not find a definition of what constitutes a safe asset. Risky asset are described as stock or a part of the S&P 500. A checking account or CDs seems safe? What about bonds and TIP?

I would like to test an all TIPS portfolio. In ESPlanner "Inflation Indexed Government Bonds" a.k.a "TIPS" show a mean return of 2.99% in the Monte Carlo section.

What is the historical range for the data used in calculating the various Assets behavior?
The larger the sample the better, from my perspective...


Tags: annuity, QLAC

IRS regulatory changes toward holding QLACs in IRAs are fairly new. Does ESP accommodate them? It seems not, since there's only one annuity supported on the "Annuities" (sic) tab of Pensions and Annuities.

Tags: savings

I am confused as to why ESPlanner shows negative savings under the Annual Suggestions. I don't need it for the income, there is enough of that.

Has anyone figured an efficient way to model retirement withdrawals from ROTH and traditional accounts?

Tags: Windows 10

I can't find any mention of your plan to support Windows 10. Is there a plan for a relevant release?

Tags: Conversion, Roth

I want to model converting part of my traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA. Here is what I did is this the preferred approach?
1. In the "Retirement Accounts/Special Withdrawals" window I entered an amount to be withdrawn from my IRA this year 2015.

I don't understand how this report determines "Deduct". My interest, sale & real estate taxes and donations are about 18K now and I see $15.1K as a constant value over time. I understand the real cost of interest will decrease overtime.

How can ESPlanner be used to model the impact of extra monthly principal payments for a home mortgage on living standard?

I want to put my database in cloud storage so I can access it from different computers which are in different locations (Florida & Connecticut). Can you provide some detailed guidance on how to accomplish this?

OK, how do I get ESPlanner to let me control total spending? It came up with a number that is about double what we actually spend then draws down our regular savings to pay for it. Huh? I really don't care what ESPlanner thinks we should spend.

Over $100 difference between ESP(higher) and AnyPIA from S.S. downloaded program

I've created a comprehensive financial life plan. It's in today's dollars which makes it easier to However, I need to follow this plan for the next few decades. What are some recommended approaches for updating and following the plan over decades?

I'm planning to put my house on the market next year, to downsize. We'll sell the current house without having bought another, to remain more flexible in terms of market opportunities.

When I enter the lump sum payment, it treats it as a taxable event. I have been given the option of rolling over the payout to a self-directed IRA or my employers 401k plan. But I can't figure out how to enter it properly.

Tags: assets

I want my stock allocation to reduce over time, perhaps -1% per year, sometimes called a "glide path". What are good ways to do this in my ES Planner model? Haave you tried this?

I am wondering how the Nominal Assets Income figure on the Federal Taxes Report is calculated.

Tags: annuity

Can someone suggest a public source of information about available annuities, without engaging a broker? I'm comparing the benefits of placing about 30% of my retirement assets in a fixed annuity, at retirement.