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How do you handle more than 5 properties

Tags: Canada, foreign

I am a couple years away from retirement and recently moved to Canada with my wife - she is Canadian. When specifying the Family Information, I need to enter a State. Since I'm not living in the states anymore, is there a way to specify state as none or foreign?

Tags: monte carlo

For a Monte Carlo report, in the % Distribution Of Living Standard Report, why is the Living Standard for ALL percentiles below the Living Standard that is labeled, "Specified Mean Real Return" Living Standard?

Tags: no clue

How do i find the answer to a question I asked today ?
received a tracking number, but that is no help
Do I search on "how do I" as a topic ?
Does "save" post the question or is there some other button to use ?

Tags: Profile dump

When we are creating different profiles there is a danger of some parameter not being as expected. Reviewing parameters between profiles is very tedious going from one panel to another and looking at all the fields.

I am 65 and currently covered under my employer’s high deductible health care plan. The company has more than 20 employees. I plan to continue working and begin accepting Social Security spousal benefits at 66. Am I required to enroll in Medicare Part A if I accept spousal benefits?

All my earnings over the past 44 years (I am currently 61 and retired) were social security covered. I never worked in any state jobs.

Tags: Notes

It would be great if we could insert notes into profiles to describe the changes, updates and status of profiles that we use.

Thanks for fixing 2.31.0 and its error in pasting SS past earnings data. However, as a professional user we don't get access to the SS pages that our clients access to pull their data.

In the Assets and Savings folder, Current Savings tab, the text refers to the 'coming year'. Does this mean the upcoming 12 months or does it mean the next calendar year?

When I load my wife's Pension, the income decreases each year, even though I check "Today's Dollars."

I am 69 and receiving SS since I turned 66. My wife is 64. She and I will retire next year. She will postpone SS until she is 70. I thought she was eligible for SS spousal benefits, at about half her eventual benefit, beginning at her age of 66.

When I set up a plan for my wife and myself it will not allow me to show a retirement date prior to the current year. My wife retired in 2013 and I did in 2014. Perhaps it really does not matter that much but it seemed odd it would not allow for an accurate date in the past?

Under my Federal Employee Pension plan my pension benefits are indexed. The only way I have been able to get the ESP model to correctly show what is effectively a real constant benefit is to set the overall inflation rate to zero. This makes some of the other values incorrect.

Comparing the Total Income (on the Total Income schedule) to the Adjusted Gross Income (on the Federal Taxes - Joint Filer schedule), the AGI is larger than the TI. Are there adjustments for federal taxes that are not shown?

Just wondering what other people are using for investment return rates, in retirement.

Thank you for the responses. After figuring out how to enter our self-employment earnings without doubling them by accidentally adding the earnings to Social Security future earnings as well...whew!...the only thing I'm stuck on at the moment is how to get rid of the insurance.

How do I get the nuts and bolts of what I want to know (e.g., with our current rate of income, savings, expected Social Security income, etc., how much income will we have for our family at any given age?)?

I enabled contingent planning, and under primary residence I indicated that upon my death the rent I would pay would be 0, and there would be no new home. I also entered a special expenditure assuming my wife would go into assisted living (Cheery scenario).

Tags: key ages

I've been running scenarios using a key age of last withdrawal of 100. Recently I ran a new scenario using 90 instead of 100. I was surprised to see that the spreadsheet "Annual" tab shows a lower annual consumption using 90 instead of 100. Everything else stayed the same.