529 Plan


I have two 529's setup for my kids. I have enough for 6-7 years of college and was planning on taking the last 1-2 years out of savings, instead of putting more into the 529. When I run ESPlanner, it suggests I add to the 529 for the next 5 years. How do I get around this? Do I remove the withdrawals for the last 2 years and add them as special expenditures? Trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this. Thanks.

Special Receipts on Total Income report

Did a search with no luck.
Where is the Special Receipts values comming from? It appears the 529 Account Income & qualified Withdrawals are part of the answer.
On the Main.xls > Total Imcome tab, Special Receipts correspond to Income & the expenditure of 529 funds.
I don't understand why 529 payments are Income.
What other items are included in Special Receipts?
Should Special Receipts be included in the Glossary?
Thanks, Steve

Special Expenditures & Special Receipts

In the Special > Special Expenditures & Special Receipts tabs I've Cleared the Grid. So no values are displayed.
I'm confused as to why in the Main Report.xls I have several years of $ values in the Special Expenditures column of the Total Spending tab. Ditto for the Special Receipts column of the Total Income tab.